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Our Fogging Treatment

The novel Coronavirus can last up to five days or more on any surface, with symptoms appearing after two weeks. Your business needs to rely on a professional electrostatic disinfection service to eliminate the risk of infection to your employees, families, and customers. 

Massengale Property Services shares in your commitment to health and safety during this serious and unprecedented pandemic. We are prepared to disinfect your business to the utmost standards set by the CDC. Our electrostatic fogging service and botanical surface cleaner safely and effectively disinfects any surface.  We then perform ATP testing that rapidly measures actively growing microorganisms to ensure 100% disinfection. Our cleaner creates an invisible coating for a long lasting clean. Along with our service, you will receive a disinfection certificate showing your company’s commitment against Coronavirus.

Sadly, many businesses had to close for months due to the pandemic. Now that local businesses are open, you need to ensure the quality and safety of everyone. Our company’s electrostatic fogging treatment strictly follows the CDC’s guidelines for complete sterilization specifically against Coronavirus.

Our Surface Cleaner

Not all disinfectants are created equal. Our solution of natural ingredients effectively eliminates pathogenic bacteria, germs, allergens, odors, and viruses in your workspace. When it comes to your business, you want the best cleaning solution to protect your employees, families, and patients. Other solutions used by disinfectant companies are extremely toxic and leave behind harmful byproducts and nauseous fumes. Our formula is botanically derived with no bleach, phosphates, heavy metals or other harsh chemicals. In other words, our disinfectant is completely non toxic and with minimal dwell time.


  • EPA-registered hospital disinfectant
  • NSF-registered for no rinse required on food-contact surfaces
  • Free of VOCS (volatile organic compounds)
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Bleach-free, phosphate-free, and free of harsh chemicals and skin irritants
  • Kills mold, mildew, and fungi at the source, effective on mold spores, and can prevent mold regrowth for up to 7 months on tile and other building materials

More Information

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